Minotaur with a sweet tooth

Concept Bribable gatekeeper Seeming Ogre
Virtue Diligent Kith Gristlegrinder
Vice Gluttony Court Summer
Strength •••• Intelligence Presence ••
Dexterity ••• Wits/Perception •• Manipulation
Stamina •••• Resolve •• Composure ••
Wyrd 4 Defense 2 Ini 7 Health 8
Glamour 12 Armor 0 Size 8 Willpower 5
Clarity 5 Actions 1 Speed 7

Combat: Brawl 3, Weaponry (polearms) 2

Skills: Athletics 2, Intimidation 2, Craft (Woodwork) 1, Streetwise 1,

Merits: Summer Mantle •••

Contracts: Stone •••, Eternal Summer ••

Pledges: Feastsharing •• (adroitness: +1 Str, must share spoils of battle with comrades)

Equipment: none


Hazard is a road hazard; that is, he guards the trods through the Hedge and extracts as much ducats and glamour and treasure from passing changelings as he can with the threat of his weapons. This man-at-arms is a retired soldier and mercenary through and through, but he does have many weaknesses, namely: a) he falls asleep quite often b) he can’t resist chocolate and is willing, nay – even eager – to be bribed with it c) he can’t remember who he works for or why he’s guarding this particular trod on this particular night. Perhaps his lord prefers it this way?


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