A sly but despicable loser

Concept Sneaky worm Seeming Darkling
Virtue Resourceful Kith Tunnelgrub
Vice Arrogance Court Winter
Strength Intelligence •• Presence
Dexterity Wits/Perception •• Manipulation ••••
Stamina •• Resolve Composure •••
Wyrd 2 Defense 1 Ini 6 Health 5
Glamour 4 Armor 0 Size 5 Willpower 7
Clarity 4 Actions 1 Speed 7

Combat: Brawl 1, Firearms 1, Weaponry (tools) 2

Skills: Intimidation 1, Craft (cleaner) 1, Streetwise 1, Larceny 2, Subterfuge 2

Merits: Winter Mantle •

Contracts: Moon (Creeping Dread •), Winter (A Mere Vessel For Loss •)

Pledges: none

Equipment: Cleaning tools, large blood-stained wrench, coveralls, reagent sack, gas mask, fake IDs, 3-5 disposable cell phones, personal diary written in incomprehensible shorthand


Jim “Offal” Appatacky spends most of his time cleaning the ducts in suburban homes, and occasionally finding a nasty secret inside, like a stuffed baby, child porn magazines or incriminating documents. He then meticulously tracks down the previous owners and tries to blackmail them with whatever he’s found, rarely with success. He’s almost been killed by a member of the mafia on one attempt, and managed to get a businessman to commit suicide, but other than that he’s barely managed to eke out a living with his extortion racket. He dreams of greater things but hasn’t the skill or fortitude to carry them out. He’s just an awful person.


Gramarye & Regret Krypter