Red Wire Man

"Boom, baby! Boom!"


The Red Wire Man is a bogeyman among mechanics and construction workers, a terrifying visage who appears at places where building explosives, volatile chemicals, noxious substances, overheated machinery or overloaded electronics are located. And then…he cuts the red wire, and everything goes up in a red-orange-yellow-blue fireball of such proportions that it would make Jerry Bruckheimer blush with embarassment. Those lucky souls who survive such industrial “accidents” sometimes, in their hospitalized delirium, report of a man wearing red coveralls, smudged head to toe in grime (or maybe urban camouflage?), who sneaks into the generator room and cuts the control cable, or drops from a vent and quickly turns the governor to the worst possible position. The Ukrainian Electrical Workers’ Guild officially claims to have seen him at the scene of the Chernobyl disaster, while the Navajo Indians who built Chicago’s skyscrapers call him the Red Wing Man, and say he was always around to tip a crane over or a cut a cable on a rusty elevator. Thing is, the Red Wire Man never shows up when the pay is good or the equipment is well maintained; only when it isn’t…


Red Wire Man

Gramarye & Regret Krypter