Gates work a little differently in this game of Changeling than in regular ones. Here they cannot be opened merely by the expenditure of a Glamour point as per the Core Rules. Instead, one has to spend time tracking down those places in the world, whether faerie trods, sacred pagan sites, shinings or other magical locales where the barrier between worlds is thinnest, and then bring along a gate key.

Gate keys can be any of the following:

  • something physical, like a pinch of allspice, a red wrench or a piece of glass
  • something intangible, like an emotion from childhood, a state of fear or a memory of dew on grass
  • an action, like standing on your head or reciting an ancient rhyme
  • timed, meaning they open and close at specific times of the day, night, week, month or year

Most gate keys are transitory, that is, they are used up in the process of activating the gate, which stays open as per the normal rules (for a few rounds after the last use). Gates are sometimes permanent or lasting, meaning they will stay open for several minutes, hours or even days, though the latter is very rare and reserved for those places where access is restricted to changelings and/or true fae. Wars have been fought over possession of such powerful gates.

A contract called Portalseeker (Wizening Contract ••) allows one to sniff out the location of nearby portals and gates to the Hedge, to Arcadia or even to places beyond.


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